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Various types of Printers


It comes under the category of impact printers which works on striking pins. It develops picture by printing closely spaced dots. They have 50 to 500 cps of speed. Several printer formats are developed by this architecture.


It is an impact printer which utilizes a plastic or metal disk with a hammer for printing. The hammer thumps the disk on ink ribbon for printing letters. It was launched at the dawn of printing industry.


These printers are non-impact printers. It uses electrically charged or heated ink which is sprayed on to the paper as per desired shapes. They work on color cartridges for colored printing. It produces 200 cps in one go.


It uses a dry powdered ink and a laser beam for printing by creating a dot matrix pattern. It can print 5 pages in a minute. Gary Starkweather developed it in 1971. Since then many models of laser printer have come in market.

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Q. How to resolve HP printer offline issue?

A. Perform a power reset and check connections:

Resetting the power to the printer is a quick way to reset the printing system and prepare for further troubleshooting if necessary.

  1. If the printer is off, turn on the printer, and then check the printer status:
    • If the printer starts printing jobs from the print queue, the printer is clearing out queued print jobs and is online. You can stop troubleshooting.
    • If the computer still shows the printer as offline, continue to the next step.
  2. With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from the printer, unplug the printer power cord from the wall outlet, and then wait at least 60 seconds.
  3. Make sure the network cable is securely connected and not damaged.
  4. Make sure the router or switch cables are securely connected.
  5. Restart the laptop or tablet and wait for it to reboot.
  6. Reconnect the power cable to the back of the printer and then plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
  7. If the printer does not turn on by itself, press the Power button to turn it on.
  8. Try to print.
    • If you can print, the printer is online again. Continue to the next step if the printer goes offline again when printing later.
    • If the printer remains offline and cannot print, continue to the next step.

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