What does the drum role do? Let’s understand the concept of a drum role in printers. In all printers’ drum unit transmits the black or colored powder from the ink cartridge to paper during printing. The Printer Drum unit though has a long life shell but still, it deteriorates and eventually needs to be replaced. It is estimated the drum failure occurs after approximately 10,000 to 50,000 print pages which are also dependent on the quality of the printer and unit. When the drum unit needs replacement your printer would eventually give you the warning messages for the same. We will find out the 3 major signs of Printer Drum Failure.

3 Signs of Printer Drum Failure  - HP Printer Customer Support

First Sign: Receiving Blurred Printouts

If you are getting printouts that are blurred or quality is low or faded, it could be one of the signs for Drum replacement. If you find black or colored toner spots on pages after printout it may indicate drum failure as well. Another indicator of failure can also be a horizontal line across the printout pages.

Second Sign: Black Spots

If you find black spots on the printouts it may be a result of drum failure. This is because of the spoiled or dented printing drum surface, which evades ink and toner from printing properly. You may try cleaning the drum unit with a lint-free cloth if you find any dust or small particles to see if a problem is fixed, else the drum needs a replacement.

Third Sign: Poor Quality Printouts

In case, your printer is producing cheap quality documents, it’s more likely because of the damaged printer drum. Unlike fuzzy prints or black spots, poor print quality is reflected by smudged text and images. This is mostly due to bad drum unit however you should check the level of inks present into the cartridges and determine that they are sufficient.

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